CAFÉ 312

Come join us at our warm and cosy cafè, spoil you'r senses with our freshly cooked food  all the way from your big Aussie breakfast’s to your exotic Mediterranean cuisine. 
 Allow yourself to decend upon our richly flavoured Brazilian sourced coffee, legend says the aroma of the coffee sets a protective layer over Kalgoorlie City . 
We pride ourself on our passion for our high standard in customer service, quality and hospitality.

Kalgoorlie's Most Welcoming Cafè

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Catering for you 

We pride our self on our ability to excite and spoil your taste buds, offering customers a banquet of exotic tastes we offer Indian, Asian, Mediterranean , Middle Eastern, Pakistani and not to  forget the good o'l Aussie!. We can cater for groups of  any size, birthday's, corporate meeting's, conferences, events, parties and more. 

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